New Website!

New Website!

New Website!

Hello there guys and welcome to our brand new website. We thought we’d put together a new website because the last one was super basic. We had no idea that our channel would grow to this size. As I write this we have just crossed the 2.3 thousand subscriber mark and amassed just over 300 thousand views which is just nuts!

So what is the purpose of this website?

Basically this site will now be a hub that we work from, all our teaser images, project files and information will be added here. This means blueprints, breakdown and everything will be added to the project thread for each major series.

This website also gives you a little more insight into us with direct links to our personal websites, answering a couple of Frequently Asked Questions as well as general imagery that we create to showcase our projects.

Quick Update:

The Jaguar exterior is now complete, I’ll be updating images and such for the interior soon…ish.

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